Saturday, 2 January 2010

New Year, New Decade!

If, like me, you like signs and portents, the 'Blue Moon' on New Years Eve will have provided a satisfying start to this new decade - what will the next ten years bring, and how can we meet the challenge?
Well the first thing is to go for a walk... where did the tradition of going for a walk on Boxing and New Years day come from? It's certainly a popular one, as groups of families and friends are to be found wherever the paths lead through our beautiful countryside and down to the shore. Is it the urge to connect with nature or are we all just driving each other mad indoors and have to find more space?!
We headed to Midford on New Years Day, to pick up the cycle track between Midford and Wellow, a path I visited in the summer with the Cam Valley Wildlife Group. Lush with plants in the summer, the bare bones of winter showed through yesterday, with swathes of Old Mans Beard framing the views across the valley. It was bright and sunny but bitterly cold, and the hot chocolate at the pub afterwards was very welcome!
Leaving Midford we saw some huge birds perched in the trees - Cormorants! Looked like one or two were youngsters as they were a more browny colour. They seem to be adapting well to all sorts of bits of water in Britain, unlike their cousins the Shags, who seem to prefer the seaside.

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