Monday, 4 January 2010

A walk to Badger Oak

Why do human beings like to name things so much? We name ourselves, our houses, our toys, our animals. I think it's do with family and feeling at home somewhere; we make up names for where we belong, and who we belong with. Me and D are giving names to the fields and landmarks around where we live - to make it our little kingdom! It's great to know the historical names too, and to wonder who named them and why...
D already named some of the places before I came here, and I was introduced to the Secret Field, and Little Scotland.
Yesterday was still bitterly cold and bright - we walked down past the Poplars, past the doctors house and up the field to Badger Oak - named for the bank behind it, full of Badger setts. It's a beautiful old oak with stout curvy limbs, a real character. On the way we met lots of birds, especially the long tailed tits that D calls 'marauders' because of their comical heads and habit of darting around in packs. They are extremely difficult to photograph as they never keep still!
Past the oak and through the field at the top, we found a host of Fieldfares and Redwings, looking for their dinner. We are beginners at bird identification, and the Redwings had us stumped till we got home - I think the fact that they hang around with Fieldfares and have that distinctive white eye stripe should help in the future!

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