Thursday, 21 January 2010

A trip to Folly Farm, but first...

Oops, I seem to have repeated myself in the last post, let's hope noone noticed...must remember to review last blog before starting another.

The thaw happened very quickly, which was quite disconcerting! One minute a blanket of snow, the next a soggy mass of sprouting wheat grains - why do they put them in if the birds don't like them? Oh yes of course, they're cheap (no pun intended!). That's probably why our human diets abound with the stuff as well!

The car was stiff and creaky after it's enforced rest, so we took it on a run to Folly Farm, a wonderful nature reserve near Chew Valley. It's owned by the Avon Wildlife Trust and they have a centre there with all sorts of interesting and educational things going on.
We took a new path this time, up the hill past lots of newly-planted trees, till we came to a kind of escarpment. Over the top and wow! an almost 360 degree view, with Chew Valley Lake taking pride of place. There's a small enclosed area with a bench, and the two wind-blasted trees you can see in the picture. Near the bench is a stake with a chaps name on a plaque - can't remember the name, and not sure if it's just his name or his remains that are here - but what a wonderful place to come and remember one you have loved. And for him to have this view for all eternity!

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